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Video Conferencing & AV Solutions

TEN Audio Visual are an independent and impartial e-communications supplier of audio visual, web conferencing, video conferencing and audio conferencing facilities. We specialize in cutting-edge audio visual solutions for your organisation, bringing you the best in contemporary business communications.

The Complete Video Conferencing & AV Services

  • Video/Data/Web Conferencing
  • Video over I.P. & IPTV
  • Digital Signage
  • CISCO/Radvision Infrastructure
  • Videowalls & Large Scale Displays
  • Rich Media Solutions
  • Audio Conferencing/AV Equipment Hire
  • Custom Furniture
  • Full Equipment Training
  • Demonstrations/Update Meetings,
  • Maintenance Contracts

+ Video Conferencing Solutions

Video Conferencing Solutions

TEN Audio Visual offer's a diverse range of video conferencing solutions to meet with most technical and audio visual requirements. Our video conferencing systems conform to industry standards so you can be assured that, regardless of whom you call or where you deploy your equipment, we can provide the video conferencing technology to meet your needs.

TEN Audio Visual are specialists in all aspects of video conferencing and audio visual services and support. Please feel free to contact us for impartial and expert advice on all types of video conferencing and audio visual systems.

+ Video Conferencing Hire & Audio Visual Hire

Video Conferencing Hire & Audio Visual Hire

TEN Audio Visual offer complete Video Conferencing hire & Audio Visual solutions for hire. Our hire services allow you to benefit by using our video conferencing & audio visual equipment at very attractive rates without having to own or maintain the video conferencing / audio conferencing equipment.
+ System Solutions for Perfect Partnerships

System Solutions for Perfect Partnerships

To talk to one of our consultants about an audio visual or video conferencing solution for your business, simply contact us. We can help find the right technology for your requirements, and will provide free demonstrations and quotes.

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TEN Audio Visual & Video Conferencing are specialists in conferencing hire & audio visual equipment hire. For further information on what we can do for you please contact us on 01483 68 55 30 or complete our contact form.

TEN Audio Visual & Video Conferencing Solutions

TEN Audio Visual is an independent and impartial supplier of audio visual, video conferencing and audio conferencing facilities and services.

We undertake all manner of audio visual and video conferencing projects including global video conferencing installations.

We are trusted by organisations such as Bank of England, The Atomic Energy Authority, The Aircraft Research Association and North gate Information Solutions - All of which required a company that was ethically sound, technically capable and could deliver a cutting edge, future proofed, yet flexible video conferencing solutions.

We are an independent and impartial supplier so can offer you an unbiased view of the market place. We also deliver complete turnkey solutions, not just manufacturers boxes plugged into the wall.

TEN Audio Visual was historically a consultancy-based company; this means that we will give your project a fresh look and offer you a genuinely complete solution. We are reputed for working on large and complex projects requiring expertise gained trough years of experience.

Our solution will include mechanisms for promoting effective use of your new video conferencing equipment post installation including all networking, maintenance and management services: all of which have been developed by leading experts in the industry, responding to client's specific requirements and requests. In short, we can...

Specifying and Implementing a Successful Video Conferencing Solution

TEN Audio Visual has over 10 years experience specifying, supplying and supporting video conferencing equipment and software. Over the years it has become increasingly clear that the most successful video conferencing projects, follow 6 implementation stages regardless of whether it is a single system or a multinational video communications estate being rolled out.

1. Concept: Video conferencing is often a new communications medium for many users and whether you are deploying video conferencing equipment or video conferencing software; you should remember that the stated business case is likely to quickly be superseded by additional users and requirements shortly following deployment. The video conferencing solution should therefore be flexible and future proofed to facilitate an enduring solution which will become part of your communications stratagem.

2. Specification: Once the concept has been defined, and therefore the required benefits of the video conferencing solution, the technical specification can be made. At this stage the actual video conferencing solution whether it is hardware, video conferencing software, or ever more commonly a combination of both, can be selected. Often at this point we recommend an equipment trial to allow you to experience and assess the proposed solution in a live working environment. These trails typically last for two weeks and are with financial obligation, thus we transfer the risk often associated with video conferencing deployments to ourselves.

3. Network Topography: Irrespective of the size and scope of your video conferencing deployment, and almost without exception, video conferencing equipment and software will communicate via your installed IT network. This presents two immediate challenges;

» There will be a requirement to modify firewall rules to allow video conferencing traffic to pass through it.

» For the video conferencing traffic to pass between disparate networks (this is usually required if you intend to call video conferencing systems outside of your organisation) we will need to define network address transversal (NAT).

Our experienced engineering team will work with your IT function to ensure all of these technical issues are resolved seamlessly and without causing a security issue on your network.

4. Deployment: Every system deployment is different and so each installation must be considered on its own merits. Every location which is to receive video conferencing equipment must be identified and discussed. The physical environment including lighting, acoustics and alternative room usage must be considered....for instance we rarely recommend video conferencing equipment be installed in to a Boardroom, rather we would encourage the creation of a dedicated video conferencing room which is accessible to all employees.

5. Training: Sufficient training for both users and administrators is vital for any video conferencing project to be sucessful and to achieve the maximum return on investment. Users should be trained to give them confidence in the equipment and their ability to organise and conduct meetings via this new communications medium. This in turn will lead to improved individual performance, greater usage and therefore a faster return on investment.

6. Support: To really drive the adoption of video conferencing as a communications medium, you need to know not only that the equipment is supported and will be maintained by a competent company, you will also have to drive users to make video conferencing a “habit”. TEN Audio Visual can help you by showing you how likeminded companies have used techniques such as the appointment of a senior member of staff as a ‘Video Conferencing Champion’. We can demonstrate the benefits of video conferencing to individuals such as the improvement to ‘work-life balance’ as well as the positive effect on the environment in terms of carbon footprint reduction when video conferencing is used as an alternative to travel.

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